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Current research by Bessel Van der Kolk, Barry Bittman MD and other researchers is now verifying the therapeutic effects of ancient rhythmic drumming. Recent research reviews indicate that drumming accelerates physical healing, boosts the immune system and produces feelings of well-being. a release of emotional trauma and reintegration of self. 


So many lessons we learn in the drum circle can be directly applied in our lives.  The beauty is that the actual learning process is embedded in the joyful, relaxing and centering practice of drumming, and is seemless and transparent. 

  • Drumming in a circle is truly an example of team work.
  • Drumming provides a sense of connectedness with others and interpersonal support
  • Through drumming we learn to flow with the rhythms of life, feel the beat, pulse and groove
  • When one plays a drum, one is absorbed, focused and present in the hear and now 
  • Drumming develops listening, an auditory feedback loop, within yourself and among the group


Braima Moiwia was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa where his mother was the village healer.   Through observing her and learning from the wisdom of his grandmother and other village elders, Braima has developed his skills and knowlege in leading Healing Drum Circles.

Braima is known throughout the Southeast United States for his work over the past 25 years as a musician/drummer and storyteller  in schools, universities and at UNC's DooR to DooR in-patient programs. He has led cultural tours to the Gullah Islands, presented on the history of African rice producing cultures at historical sites in coastal South Carolina and Georgia and performed stories and taught drumming at numerous festivals.  


Amy Elliott brings her background as a creative arts therapist and mindfulness practitioner  to  partner with Braima, whose she has seen perform and teach since the early 1990s. In 2013 Amy accompanied Braima on one of his visits to his village in Sierra Leone.



Amy Elliott in Partnership with Master Drummer Braima Mowia:  Healing Drum Circles 

    September 2023

Compassionate Community

September 9th 12 - 6pm

This group is by invitation only for and by members of the Community Glue subgroup of Common Ground Eco-Village. 

       NVC Dance Floors

When: September 16th  1-4pm

Arrive between 12:30 - 12:50 to start at 1pm. With informal socializing and discussion afterwards from 4-5pm. 

Event Organizer: Amy Elliott, aka Amelia. a member of Common Ground Eco-Village. This group is open to anyone who wants to attend. Space is limited.  Contact Amy Elliott to register by using the form provided above in orange or contact her directly though her email for location information and your questions. . This event is in Chapel Hill, NC. 

Cost: This event is by donation. 

A portion of your donation goes to the space that is supporting this event, which also welcomes paper towels or other useful items. And 80 % of your donation will go to the cost of replacing the well that waters the sustainable organic farm at Common Ground Eco-Village. If you have already donated to the well  upgrade, consider this workshop a thank you gift. The cost of replacing the well was around $2,500. so your cash donation is deeply appreciated --"Cash in King" as they say. For information on Common Ground Eco-Village go to: www.CommonGround and on Youtube their are videos of the organic garden/farm which offers a CSA program. 





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